About Us


Genneper Parken Tennis was founded on January 1, 2014, after a merger between THES (1939) and TVGP (1929).

Our tennis park is located at the Theo Koomenlaan 11 in Eindhoven. It is part of the municipal sports park De Genneper Parken at the Aalsterweg. The park has 10 smash courts and 8 clay courts. All courts have lighting , so you can also play in the evening.   Besides the tennis courts we have our own cosy club house with large terrace. This is a welcoming meeting place where members like to meet before and after their game of tennis.

Our tennis club has about 1450 members of which 300 youth members. We are a very active club, with options for training and a large participation in the KNLTB competition, the Genneper Park Trophy and the Park Championships, and also an extensive recreational program.

We are a tennis club,where all members contribute to the organization of numerous activities that make it pleasant to be a member of Genneper Parken Tennis. The contribution to our club can be done by organising activities like (youth) competitions tournaments or by doing bar services.

We are a very popular tennis club in (the south of) Eindhoven, so sometimes we have to apply a waiting list for senior members. We always welcome young tennis enthusiasts.

If you decide to join our club, we have a registration- and introduction process to fully on-board you to our club!

After your registration, including passport photo, payment of your membership and participation in the welcome and introductory meeting, you will receive the KNLTB membership card. This gives you access to the premises and you can enter (a part of) the club house, when the bar is not open. Furthermore, you can book a court for recreational playing on the electronic registration board in the entrance hall with it. 




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+31 40 211 1428


Theo Koomenlaan 11
5644HZ Eindhoven